Rem Koolhaas On the Future of Architecture

We love a good challenge and we’re keen to find thinkers in this age from wherever in the world they may be that will provoke and inspire us. Rem Koolhaas is a famed Dutch architect that needs little introduction. He is Architect, Harvard Professor and founder of OMA.

In this video for Zeitgeist Minds, he explores the future of architecture. For instance, if robots are doing all the work, will factories be designed with even less concern for the well-being of (the few) human workers?

One of our favourite quotes from Rem in this video is:

“…architecture is a slow art…”

He also mentions how Silicon Valley has taken and coopted many of the words and the vocabulary of architecture.

Lastly, he explores whether architects are also to be sociologists? Rem explores this and how they take on this role. At Cave our work in what we describe in our Manifesto as the Void is our way of responding to this need for architecture in society.

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