Stella Mutegi

Stella studied Architecture in Australia, and has a wealth of experience having worked for two of the largest architectural firms in Kenya. She has worked on diverse projects ranging from five star hotels, shopping malls, residential developments to schools. Stella Mutegi is driven by one of her favourite quotes regarding the practice of architecture:

“You can avoid paintings, you can avoid music, and you can even avoid history. But good luck getting away from architecture” (Phillippe Daverio)

Kabage Karanja

Kabage’s background and passion has always been in the fine arts and humanities. His line of sight eventually led him to study and practice Architecture in the United Kingdom before returning to his home country Kenya. His focus beyond the private and commercial is on the local community driven projects in the city of Nairobi. A few examples include the Floating Zebra in Dandora where we created a forum for the community to redefine and improve their public spaces, while on the other side of the city working on the rethinking of schools and clinics in Kibera and Mathare for an NGO. Kabage also coordinates our research programme into caves and associated networks within the rift valley.


Balmoi Abe

Balmoi’s licence as a global and rural resident defined his identity and crafted the path he took with his profession. His early years and passions were in sculpture and making, which drove his exploration towards the creative arts and architecture. Having finalised his architectural education and training in the USA, he moved back to Kenya to build on his design acumen. Balmoi Abe explores human-centred design as a platform to customise process in a variety of design-build models, where he curates space to be adaptive to ‘brands’ and their needs.